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High-Tech Desk: Functional Art for a Luxury High-Tech Villa in Frankfurt

Development of a High-Tech Workspace with Minimalist Design Aesthetics

For a luxury high-tech villa in Frankfurt am Main, the renowned architect and designer Felix Schwake, in close collaboration with an IT specialist, developed a completely new high-tech concept desk. The desk needed to meet the high demand for technology without compromising the tranquility of the room and the spectacular view over Frankfurt. The custom-made solution includes two generously sized workstations with integrated and well-ventilated, electrically retractable computer sleds.

High-End Functionality in Minimalist White Design Aesthetics

The desk impresses with high-end functionality and minimalist aesthetics. Under the finely covered black Nubuck leather, extendable work surfaces, the table provides ample storage space, access to cable channels, and media outlets. The tabletop remains free of visible technology. The high-end computers fully extend from the table legs in an electrically operated manner. With a simple fingertip touch, the computer carts slide out from the table legs.

Intelligent Interior Design for Silent Cooling

Thanks to the intelligent interior design, the PCs are cooled silently using the chimney principle. The open table base draws cool air from close to the floor, while the warmed air from the computers rises and is expelled through ventilation openings above the table base.