Handwerkskunst Klavierlack Schwarz


Each work is custom made by Felix to suit the personal taste of its owner. As an architect, the aesthetics of the entire environment is important to him. Not the object should be in the foreground, but the life of its owner.

The aesthetics of Felix Schwake is factual and dispensed of playful geometry and extravagant ornamentation. Artisanal perfection thus come to the fore. Empty blank areas do not forgive mistakes and demand absolute perfection in processing. Joints are clearly visible in the purist forms and reveal a well thought-out planning from the inside to the outside and demand the highest precision in the execution.

Size, equipment, materiality and color are fine-tuned to its owner. The work is planned and made in week-long manual work here in Germany.

Piano lacquer
You can choose from over 100 finest piano lacquers. However, our experience has taught us that even that is not always enough. Therefor we also produce your very own color for you.

The craftsmen of the RECHETCK manufactory choose only the finest leather from Northern European cattle herds. These graze at higher altitudes where insect bites or other impairments to the leather surface are less likely. Every single skin undergoes a rigorous selection process before processing. That guarantees that only the finest surfaces will be processed.
Further leather varieties after consultation


Precious woods
Like ourpiano lacquer colors, you can also select from a wide range of wood surfaces. You can choose out of a seemingly endless selection of precious woods and their individual flowering.
By arranging the wood grain, artistic patterns, monograms and even images can be inserted into the surfaces. Our architects and designers will design your own personal theme for you.
other woods on request

Onyx Marble
All Felix Schwake works can also be partially or entirely made of marble. Marble is a really special and timeless material. The images made by nture of the marble stones are restrained from spectacle to elegance and are individually selected by our architects and designers for each project due to their color and texture characteristics.
Further marble surfaces on request.



the external shape of a Felix Schwake work should not be disturbed by visible technology and cables even during use. That‘s why a RECHETCK offers media sockets at easily accessible but concealed locations. This keeps the design factual and tidy.

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