Marble Desks


Marble Desks:
The Ultimate Status Symbol

Understanding Through Design

The Marble Desks by Felix Schwake are not just functional pieces of furniture, but an artistic expression. They represent the profound sensations one feels during a walk in the forest. The careful selection of marble, its patterning and color reflect nature, allowing you to relive the tranquility and beauty of the forest daily.

Satisfaction in Every Detail

Each of these desks has been designed with love and calmness by the artist Felix Schwake. Allow yourself to be advised by an award-winning artist and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and beauty. Experience for yourself why these masterpieces are considered true status symbols.

Ambition, Exemplified in Marble

A Marble Desk is more than just a workspace. It represents ambition, perseverance, and excellence. Let yourself be impressed by the quality and attention to detail, making a statement in your office or study room with your desk.

A Piece of Forest for Your Home

Each of these desks reminds of a walk in the forest, whether it's the hue of the marble, its patterning, or its origin. Get inspired and feel the energy and tranquility emanating from these art pieces.