Luxury Desks


Luxury Desks:
Uniqueness in Marble

Joy Through Masterful Design

A Luxury Desk is not just a workspace but a piece of art that materializes the emotions of a forest walk. Felix Schwake's design captures the silence, the shades, and the tranquility of nature, creating a piece of furniture that's both functional and stunning.

Curiosity Through Detail

The intricate patterns of the marble, carefully chosen to echo the textures of the forest, capture attention and spark curiosity. Each desk tells a story, inspired by a walk through the woods that Felix Schwake experienced. It's this intimacy and attention to detail that makes these desks stand out.

Happiness Through Uniqueness

It's not just about luxury; it's about the feeling of owning something unique. Something crafted with love, serenity, and utmost craftsmanship by an award-winning artist. It's about having a piece of nature, a piece of art, a piece of Felix Schwake in your home or office.

A Forest Walk in Your Space

Imagine sitting at your desk, feeling the cool of the marble, seeing the shades, and being reminded of a calm, peaceful place in the woods. This is the magic of the Luxury Desks, transporting you to another world and bringing joy every day.