Marble Coffee Tables


Marble Coffee Tables: Immersing in a World of Art

Imagine a world where luxury meets design, and art meets function. Our marble coffee tables are not just furniture, but a piece of art.

Artistic Design Meets Nature

Each of our marble coffee tables is a reflection of Felix Schwake's forest walks. The color, pattern, and origin of the marble are carefully chosen to echo the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Inspired by a Forest Walk

With deep passion and dedication, Felix Schwake has crafted these tables as a tribute to nature. Every line, every curve reminds of pathways through the woods, while the cool elegance of the marble mimics the feel of a serene forest pond.

A Benchmark of Luxury and Art

Having a marble coffee table in your living space not only elevates the ambiance but also reflects your sense of luxury and art. Get inspired by the artistic vision and feel the enthusiasm and creativity embedded in each piece.

Custom-made for Distinctive Taste

Upon request, the artist crafts a piece tailored just for you, fitting perfectly into your space. He considers size, color, and fittings to give a unique touch to your home.