A Unique Piece: The Design Canopy bed in White

Experience art, design, and beauty in their purest form with the high-gloss Design Canopy bed in White . Designed and crafted with love and calm by award-winning designer Felix Schwake, this unique piece of furniture will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your bedroom decoration. You have the freedom to choose size, color, and equipment to suit your preferences, making this design canopy bed a tailor-made oasis of relaxation in your own home.

Vitalization through Design

The Design Canopy bed in White has the power to completely change the look of your bedroom. It creates an atmosphere of energy and vitality that shapes your space in an invigorating way. The clearly defined lines and shiny white surface reflect light in a way that illuminates and enlivens your room, leading to you feeling refreshed and revitalized every time you enter your bedroom.

Emotional Connection through Individual Design

It's not just the beauty of the design that captivates you, but also the emotional connection you have with this tailor-made piece of furniture. Felix Schwake designed this Design Canopy bed in White with you and your individual needs in mind. This personal touch gives the canopy bed an extra charm that transforms your bedroom into a world of tranquility and beauty, and an oasis that will uplift your mood and beautify your life.

Canopy bed — FS15
White piano lacquer, cashmere wool
LWH — 230 x 230 x 200
One-of-a-Kind Creation