Luxury Bed in Ebony Black floating : A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Design

Step into a world of art, design, and beauty with the Luxury Bed in Ebony Black floating , crafted by Felix Schwake. This exceptional luxury design furniture piece is a real masterpiece, designed and crafted with love and tranquility by the artist to enrich your life in manifold ways.

Uniqueness that Evokes Understanding and Satisfaction

The Luxury Bed in Ebony Black floating embodies the vision and attention to detail that Felix Schwake shows in each of his works. Each piece is made only once and uses materials of the highest quality. The dark color and patterning of the noble wood, which were deliberately chosen, evoke the quiet and fascinating beauty of a nocturnal walk in the forest.

Design Bed Handcrafted Makassar Ebony Design Unique Purist Luxury InteriorFELIX SCHWAKE

Expressive Design that Provokes Ambition

The luxurious design makes this bed not just a central piece of furniture in your bedroom, but also a piece that brings pride and ambition into your home. Interior design will never be the same again once you integrate the design bed into your home.

Bed — FS9
Dark precious wood Makassar
LWH — 260 x 260 x 30
One-of-a-Kind Creation