The Design Bed in White floating : A Piece of Art for Your Bedroom

Immerse yourself in a world full of art, design, and beauty with our exclusive, high-gloss Design Bed in White floating . Lovingly and patiently designed and manufactured by internationally renowned designer Felix Schwake, this bed is more than just a piece of furniture - it's a true masterpiece that will enrich your life in inexpressible ways. With the possibility to choose the size, color, and equipment according to your individual wishes, the design bed becomes a true unique piece, perfectly tailored to your needs and imaginations.

Unleash Your Creativity and Enthusiasm

The Design Bed in White floating designed by Felix Schwake not only serves as a place of rest and relaxation, but also as a source of inspiration. Its innovative and contemporary design motivates and inspires, unleashes creative energies and sparks enthusiasm. Every line, every curve, every glossy surface is a reflection of Schwake's passion and dedication to design and aesthetics. The pure, flawless whiteness of the bed gives your bedroom an atmosphere of tranquility and purity, while the high-gloss effect imparts a feeling of luxury and exclusivity.

BETT Exklusives Design Klavierlack Weiss Massgeschneiderte Sonderanfertigung FELIX SCHWAKE

An Emotional Journey into the World of the Design Bed

Imagine entering your bedroom and the first thing you see is your breathtaking, high-gloss white Design Bed in White floating , sparkling in the soft light of the room. You feel a wave of enthusiasm as your eye admires the masterful design by Felix Schwake. Each time you step into this bed, you are enveloped by a warm and welcoming aura. It evokes in you a feeling of peace, of luxury, of satisfaction. Your design bed becomes not only the central element of your bedroom but the centerpiece of your home and your life.

Design Bed Design White Glossy Handcrafted Unique Premium Luxury InteriorFELIX SCHWAKE

Bed — FS9
White piano lacquer, cashmere wool
LWH — 260 x 260 x 30
One-of-a-Kind Creation