SC2.1 Design-Lowboard, Klavierlack Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE

Discover the Design Lowboard in White : A World of Art, Design, and Beauty

Immerse yourself in a world where aesthetics and functionality form a harmonious connection. Our white high-gloss design-lowboard, designed and crafted with love and peace by Felix Schwake, invites you to this. It represents not just a piece of furniture, but an invitation to a refined lifestyle. With its flawless high-gloss finish and carefully selected color palette, this design-lowboard will beautify your home and create an oasis of tranquility and beauty.

Individuality Meets Design: Create Your Own Design Lowboard in White

With us, you have the unique opportunity to choose the size, color, and equipment of your Design Lowboard in White yourself. Each piece is an individual expression of your personality and style. Bring your vision to life and feel the enthusiasm that only a personalized piece of furniture, crafted with great attention to detail, can evoke. Felix Schwake, the award-winning designer, will personally advise you to achieve the perfect result and make your home a true work of art.

Passion, Desire, and the Irresistible Design Lowboard in White

The Design Lowboard in White by Felix Schwake is not just a piece of furniture, it is a lifestyle. It evokes strong emotional states such as passion, enthusiasm, and desire. The elegant shape, the high-gloss finish, and the exquisite design appeal to the senses and draw you in. Let yourself be seduced by the art of design and experience the indescribable feeling when you set up your new Design Lowboard in White in your home and fill the room with its irresistible beauty.

SC2.1 Design-Lowboard, Klavierlack Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE

Lowboard — FS53
White piano lacquer, brass, 18 carat real gold
LWH — 200 x 35 x 50
One-of-a-Kind Creation