Luxury hammock in Ebony Black : An Artistic Retreat

The Designer Hammock is not just a luxurious piece of furniture, but also an embodiment of art, design, and beauty. Crafted from dark fine wood, it stands as a testament to Felix Schwake's master craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Tailored Elegance

With love, tranquility, and a deep passion for details, artist Felix Schwake has designed this unique hammock. His aspiration to create something of value and uniqueness is evident in every piece he crafts. From the meticulous choice of colors and patterns to the origin of the fine wood - everything aims to offer the utmost quality and excellence.

Satisfaction and Confidence in Design

Choosing a Designer Hammock is more than just a design decision; it's a statement. It showcases a high level of confidence and a desire to surround oneself with the finest. Such a piece in your home or outdoor space will not only evoke admiration but also instill a sense of satisfaction and joy within you.

hammock — FS20
Dark precious wood Makassar
LWH — 220 x 100 x75
One-of-a-Kind Creation