Design Conference Table in White 10 Person : A Symphony of Harmony and Elegance

Imagine a place of perfect harmony, where every detail is in perfect balance. This is how you feel when you sit at our white high-gloss design conference table with cable channel. This table, lovingly and patiently designed and manufactured by Felix Schwake, offers you an experience that goes beyond the physical space. It is an aesthetic journey that combines the finest balance of art, design, and functionality.

KONFERENZTISCH Design Klavierlack Weiss Massgeschneiderte Sonderanfertigung FELIX SCHWAKE

Custom Adaptation: Your Design Conference Table in White 10 Person

The beauty of this table lies not only in its outstanding design but also in its adaptability. You have the freedom to choose the size, color, and features that perfectly match you and your space. This personalization contributes to the balance and tranquility this table radiates. It's not just a piece of furniture, but an expression of your personal style and passion for exquisite design art.

The Result of Perfection: An Award-Winning Designer at Your Side

Felix Schwake, a designer decorated with numerous international design awards, will guide you to the perfect result. Designed and crafted with love and tranquility, this table becomes a unique and irresistible part of your interior decoration. The Design Conference Table in White 10 Person not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also creates an atmosphere of tranquility and balance. In this way, it becomes an essential part of your life, beautifying your everyday in a way you could hardly have imagined before.

Conference Table — FS78
White piano lacquer, white aniline leather
Contemporary Artwork
One-of-a-Kind Creation
LWH — 300 x 125 x 75