Design Corner desk in White with Sideboard : An Expression of Art, Design, and Beauty

The white high-gloss design desk with sideboards, designed and manufactured by Felix Schwake, is far more than just a piece of furniture. It's an invitation into a world full of art, design, and beauty that will enrich your life in unique ways. This high-gloss masterpiece becomes an admirable focus in any room, triggering deep feelings of admiration, respect, and awe in every viewer.

Designed with Love and Calm: Design Corner desk in White with Sideboard

Designed with much love and calm, each design desk with sideboards is a unique piece. Felix Schwake, a multiple internationally awarded designer, uses his skills and experience to offer every customer a tailored experience. From the size and color to the equipment, everything can be customized according to customer requirements. The attention to detail and careful processing of this design desk with sideboards make the executive room look impressive.

SCHREIBTISCH Designpreis Sideboard Klavierlack Weiss Massgeschneiderte Sonderanfertigung FELIX SCHWAKE

An Emotional Journey: Design Desk with Sideboards

When you receive the design desk with sideboards, you embark on a pleasant, emotional journey. The sharp lines and the radiant white of the high-gloss create an atmosphere of calm and elegance. The desk and sideboards work together like a harmonious ensemble that enhances the room and gives an aura of prestige and sophistication. The clear, minimalist aesthetic radiates a strength that evokes admiration, respect, and awe.

Corner desk — FS94
with Sideboard
White piano lacquer, white aniline leather
LWH — 240 x 200 x 75
One-of-a-Kind Creation