ST8 Daybed, Klavierlack Weiß – FELIX SCHWAKE

Design Daybed in White : A Piece of Art for Your Home

A Design Daybed in White is not merely a piece of furniture, it's an invitation into a world full of art, design, and beauty. This high-gloss white Daybed, designed and crafted with love and care by Felix Schwake, brings an elegant tranquility to your rooms and beautifies your life in a subtle way. With his multiple award-winning design skills, Schwake transforms a simple piece of furniture into an emotional experience, bringing relaxation, serenity, and peace into your home.

Customizable to Your Desire: Design Daybed in White Tailored to You

This Design Daybed in White offers you the possibility to choose size, color, and features according to your wishes. Tailored to your needs and taste, it creates an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation in your rooms. Whether small or large, in high-gloss white or another color, with this Daybed you can be sure that it fits perfectly into your living world.

Peaceful Refuge: The Design Daybed in White as a Place of Relaxation

The uniqueness of this Design Daybed in White lies in its ability to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Like a silent haven in the midst of everyday stress, it offers a place to relax and unwind. Carefully designed in every detail by Felix Schwake, a peaceful refuge is created, sending a wave of relaxation through your body as soon as you settle on it.

ST8 Daybed, Klavierlack Weiß – FELIX SCHWAKE

Daybed — FS22
White piano lacquer, white aniline leather
LWH — 200 x 80 x 25
One-of-a-Kind Creation