R2.4.1 Design-Regal, Gold - FELIX SCHWAKE

The Open Design Wardrobe: A Symphony of Art and Function

Immerse yourself in a world where art, design, and beauty blend into a harmonious whole. The open design wardrobe, a product of deep passion and dedication by artist Felix Schwake, stands as a monumental example of timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship.

Golden Perfection in Every Detail

Gold - the ultimate symbol of value and exclusivity. Through the hands of Felix Schwake, this precious metal is transformed into an open design wardrobe that reflects incredible depth and brilliance at every angle and edge. The flawless precision in its crafting ensures that not even the tiniest flaw exists, making the final product nothing short of perfection.

Refined Unique Piece for the Discerning Taste

The feeling of deep pride, strong self-confidence, and the unparalleled sense of individuality - these are the emotions an owner of this unique piece of furniture will experience. It's not just a wardrobe, it's a statement. A statement for those who know what it means to own a masterpiece crafted with love, care, and unparalleled talent.

Die beschriebenen Texte porträtieren das "offene Design-Regal" in einem anspruchsvollen und ehrfürchtigen Licht, das die Handwerkskunst und das Design hervorhebt, die in die Schaffung dieses Meisterwerks eingeflossen sind.

R2.4.1 Design-Regal, Gold - FELIX SCHWAKE

shelve — FS36
LWH — 50 x 100 x 220
One-of-a-Kind Creation


FELIX SCHWAKE / Collection I