R2.4.1.1 Design-Garderobe, Gold - FELIX SCHWAKE

Open Design Wardrobe: A Statement of Luxury

The open design wardrobe invites you into a world where art and function meld together. It's not merely a piece of furniture, but an experience - a promise upheld through the mastercraft of designer Felix Schwake.

Golden Visions: The Centerpiece of Any Interior

Gold, the ultimate symbol of value, has been crafted here with extraordinary precision and care. Its sheen and allure, amplified by Felix Schwake's unparalleled design, makes this open design wardrobe the focal point of any setting, reflecting and sparkling in a play of light that brings the room to life.

Custom-made Luxury for the Discerning Taste

For those seeking not just furniture, but a tailor-made experience, the open design wardrobe offers just that. It's a source of pride, self-satisfaction, and joy, an art piece reflecting the owner's individual taste while unveiling a world of fascination for every onlooker.

R2.4.1.1 Design-Garderobe, Gold - FELIX SCHWAKE

wardrobe — FS35
LWH — 50 x 100 x 220
One-of-a-Kind Creation