R2.4.1.1 Design-Garderobe, Marmor, Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE

The Elegance of the Design Wardrobe

In the fusion of art and design, the white marble Design Wardrobe rises, meticulously and lovingly designed by artist Felix Schwake. Every glance at it, every gentle touch reveals its unique quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

A Work of Art for Your Home

The inspiration Felix Schwake poured into this masterpiece is tangible. He uses only the finest materials, carefully chosen for their color, patterning, and origin. Customers can be sure they're not just purchasing a piece of furniture, but a work of art that will bring them deep satisfaction, genuine security, and great respect.

Individual and Exclusive

For those seeking something unique, Felix Schwake offers the opportunity to customize the Design Wardrobe. Each wardrobe, a reflection of his many international design awards, promises not just functionality but an aesthetic elevation of every room it graces.

R2.4.1.1 Design-Garderobe, Marmor, Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE
wardrobe — FS35
white marble
Contemporary Artwork
One-of-a-Kind Creation
LWH — 50 x 100 x 220