R2.4 Design-Regal, Marmor, Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE

Design Shelf: An Emblem of Luxurious Design

When beauty meets functionality, a white marble design shelf is born - a masterpiece that enhances both the space and the owner's life. This extraordinary luxury furniture piece takes you on a journey through art, design, and elegance, where every detail is influenced by the vision of the renowned artist Felix Schwake.

A Unique Piece Crafted by Hand

Designed with dedication and care, each design shelf is created blending artisanal craftsmanship with modern design. Felix Schwake personally selects the finest materials, ensuring that the color, pattern, and origin of the precious marble are of the utmost quality. The end result is a shelf that's not just a storage place, but an artwork that evokes enthusiasm, excitement, and ecstasy.

Customized Luxury Interior

Imagine a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your space and reflects your personality. The design shelf is not just a product but an experience. A tailor-made artwork that embodies the spirit of luxurious modern design, creating fascination and admiration in your home.

R2.4 Design-Regal, Marmor, Weiß - FELIX SCHWAKE

shelve — FS33
white marble
LWH — 50 x 50 x 220
One-of-a-Kind Creation