Designer bed in Black : An Expression of Extraordinary Craftsmanship

The Designer bed in Black by Felix Schwake, made from noble, black high gloss piano lacquer, is not only a place to sleep, but a masterpiece of art and design. This piece of furniture combines beauty and functionality to perfection and enhances your life every moment you spend in it.

Pride and Satisfaction Through Valuable Materials

Felix Schwake consciously chooses only the most valuable materials and processes them with the utmost care and precision. The noble pattern and color, the origin of the material and the breathtaking high-gloss piano lacquer, allow you to feel the extremely high quality and exclusive design claim in every detail. This awakens a feeling of pride and satisfaction in you.

Design Bed Black Glossy Exclusive Custom Made Unique Design Luxury InteriorFELIX SCHWAKE

Safety and Comfort Through First-Class Design

With this Designer bed in Black  you enter a world full of art, design and beauty. Every detail, every curve and line, has been designed and crafted with great love and tranquility by artist Felix Schwake. It is a unique and valuable masterpiece that not only offers the highest sleep comfort, but also gives you a feeling of safety and security.

bed — FS3
Black piano lacquer, cashmere wool
LWH — 230 x 230 x 30
One-of-a-Kind Creation