FS 146-B Weisser Arabescato Marmor

FS146B Cabinet
Marble White
of cuboids
LWH — 80 cm x 80 cm x 160 cm
LWH — 31,5 in x 31,5 in x 62,99 in
Unique (1/1)


Marble Cabinet in White of cuboids : An Oasis of Inspiration

Marble Cabinet in White of cuboids isn't merely a lavish furniture item; it embodies the essence of a forest stroll. Each nuance, be it the shade or the marble's texture, has been thoughtfully crafted by artist Felix Schwake. His aim was to capture and convey the burst of imagination, drive, and zest one feels amidst nature's serenity.

Cube-Shaped Marble Bar with Golden Interior & Circle-Square Legs

Felix Schwake offers the unique opportunity to tailor the Marble Cabinet in White of cuboids according to the client's preferences in size, hue, and features. Beyond its accolades, this design embodies not just an emblem of artistry but also captures the essence and spirit one feels during a tranquil forest stroll.

Artistry in Each Nuance: The Marble Cabinet in White of cuboids

Marble Cabinet in White of cuboids is more than a piece of furniture; it's a living embodiment of art, capturing the essence of a serene forest stroll. From the hue to the intricate design and sourcing of the marble, Felix Schwake has meticulously crafted it to resonate with those distinct emotions.

FELIX SCHWAKE / Functional Art / Cabinets