Marble Armchairs


Luxury Armchairs:
Minimalistic Design Meets Forest Magic

Discover our collection of Luxury Armchairs, taking you into a world full of art, design, and beauty. A place where luxury meets comfort, crafted from an artist's vision.

A Touch of Nature in Your Living Room

Every one of our Luxury Armchairs mirrors a forest stroll. From the color of the black and white marble to its patterning and origin – all remind of the calm and tranquility of a forest.

Passionately Designed by Felix Schwake

With love and serenity, artist Felix Schwake has designed each armchair. Drawing inspiration from forest walks, you can feel nature right in your living room.

Tailored Excellence

Our Luxury Armchairs are not just a testament to excellent design, but they are also custom-made to your desires. Size, color, equipment - everything is tailored to your needs.

Experience the Forest

Sitting on our Luxury Armchairs, you'll experience the enthusiasm, motivation, and joy of a forest walk. A moment where you forget the world around you and focus just on the present.