Luxury Bar Stools


Luxury Bar Stools:
Artful Elegance for Your Living Spaces

An Ode to Nature

The Luxury Bar Stools from our collection represent more than just a seating solution. It's the materialized dream of a forest stroll, crafted by artist Felix Schwake. He has embedded his impressions and feelings into every detail of these art pieces.

Fascination of Marble

The choice of black and white marble, its patterning, and origin are carefully selected to evoke the memory of a walk through the woods. These pieces of art are not just functional but aesthetically and emotionally touching.

Modern Design Meets Emotional Depth

A Luxury Bar Stool from our collection will not only give a modern touch to your space but will also bring satisfaction, confidence, and happiness into your life.

Tailored for You

Felix Schwake, a multiple-award-winning designer, doesn't just design; he understands. He consults with every client individually to ensure a perfect result. Every bar stool can be tailored to your needs in terms of size, color, and features.