FS 54 Grand-Antique Marmor

Marble Design Console, Triangles: A Contemporary Work of Art

The Marble Sideboard in Black-White Prisms is far more than a luxury piece of furniture - it is a materialized night forest walk, designed and manufactured with love and tranquility by artist Felix Schwake. Every detail, from the color and pattern of the marble to the origin of the stone, has been carefully chosen to bring Felix Schwake's night forest walk to life and create a touch point between art, design and the modern beauty of nature.

Curiosity and Enthusiasm through Unique Design

When viewing and using this exquisite Marble Sideboard in Black-White Prisms you will feel as though you are taking a night walk through the forest. You will feel the curiosity and enthusiasm that only nature in the dark can provide, and these emotions will become an integral part of your everyday life. If desired, artist Felix Schwake will tailor this work of art individually to size, color and equipment to meet your needs, achieving the perfect result.

Connection and Inspiration through a Marble Sideboard in Black-White Prisms

This unique piece of furniture will not only beautify your home, but also evoke a deep connection to nature and a feeling of satisfaction. Every time you look at or touch the Marble Sideboard in Black-White Prisms you will be reminded of a sublime night forest walk, a constant source of inspiration and happiness in your home.