ST9.1 Wohnzimmertisch, Klavierlack Schwarz – FELIX SCHWAKE

Flat Design Pedestal: A Masterpiece by Felix Schwake

The flat design pedestal by Felix Schwake is not just a piece of furniture but an experience. In a world where art and design meet at the pinnacle, this pedestal sets the bar. Embodying elegance and style, every detail has been meticulously planned and executed.

Classic Purism Meets Luxury

The flat design pedestal stands as a testament to Schwake's deep-rooted passion for art and design. Drawing inspiration from classic aesthetics combined with a modern twist evokes nostalgia and comfort. The use of the finest materials, with carefully selected color, pattern, and origin, speaks volumes of an unparalleled commitment to quality.

Tailored Luxury for Your Home

If you're in search of something unique that adds character to your space, the flat design pedestal is the perfect choice. With the option of bespoke customization, every pedestal becomes a work of art tailored to fit seamlessly into your space, ensuring satisfaction.

ST9.1 Wohnzimmertisch, Klavierlack Schwarz – FELIX SCHWAKE

Center Table — IX-I
black piano lacquer
One-of-a-Kind Creation