ST7 Sofa, Klavierlack Schwarz – FELIX SCHWAKE

Designer Sofa in Black : A Synonym for Luxury and Elegance

When beauty, art, and design come together in a harmonious dance, the Designer Sofa in Black by Felix Schwake emerges. It not only represents a place of relaxation but embodies a life's work, adding a touch of luxury to any room.

Artisan Craftsmanship at its Best

Every detail of the Designer Sofa in Black speaks volumes of Felix Schwake's profound vision. With each seam, every curve, he infuses his passion and inspiration into this piece of art. It's not just a piece of furniture but an expression of perfection, made from the most exquisite materials meticulously chosen for their color, pattern, and origin.

No Compromises on Quality

The Designer Sofa in Black promises security, fosters trust, and ensures the deepest satisfaction. Every aspect of this luxury furniture is designed to exude a sense of exclusivity and top-notch quality. It's not just an aesthetic statement but also a promise of durability, felt in every corner and fiber.

ST7 Sofa, Klavierlack Schwarz – FELIX SCHWAKE

Sofa — FS19
Black piano lacquer, black aniline leather
LWH — 300 x 300 x 60
One-of-a-Kind Creation