R2.4.0.1 Design-Garderobe, Klavierlack Schwarz - FELIX SCHWAKE

Design Wardrobe: The Embodiment of Luxury and Elegance

In a world where art, design, and beauty converge, the Design Wardrobe stands as an emblem of exquisite craftsmanship. This masterpiece, designed and crafted by artist Felix Schwake, is more than just a piece of furniture – it's an enrichment to one's life.

The Inspiration Behind the Masterpiece

With love and tranquility, Felix Schwake sketched every line, every detail of this work of art. His inspiration to create something unique and valuable is reflected in the flawless craftsmanship and the carefully selected, high-quality materials. Observing the Design Wardrobe, one doesn’t just see its outward beauty but also the passion and talent embedded in its creation.

Modern Heirlooms: The Essence of Luxury

The Design Wardrobe is not just a testament to contemporary design, but an heirloom for future generations. It communicates respect, evokes feelings of appreciation, and kindles a comforting nostalgia. Imagine this wardrobe in your home, serving not only as a practical storage space but also as a piece of art, eliciting admiration and fascination.

R2.4.0.1 Design-Garderobe, Klavierlack Schwarz - FELIX SCHWAKE

wardrobe — FS34
black piano lacquer
LWH — 50 x 50 x 220
One-of-a-Kind Creation


FELIX SCHWAKE / Collection I