FS 175 Grand-Antique Marmor

FS175 Dining Table
Marble Black-White
LWH — 350 cm x 142 cm x 78 cm
LWH — 137,8 in x 55,91 in x 30,71 in
Unique (1/1)


Marble Dining Table in Black-White X-legs : A Pioneer in Modern Art

Welcome to a world of art, design, and beauty with the Marble Dining Table in Black-White X-legs . This stunning luxury piece of furniture, designed and crafted with love and tranquility by artist Felix Schwake, embodies the impressions of a nocturnal forest walk and will enrich your life in countless wonderful ways.

Satisfaction and Self-Recognition: A Masterpiece of Comfort and Style

More than just a piece of furniture, the Marble Dining Table in Black-White X-legs is a character piece of art, evoking satisfaction and self-recognition. It invites you to feel the moment of Felix Schwake's nocturnal forest walk and puts you in a pleasant, emotional imagination of this experience. Upon request, the multiple award-winning artist customizes the table to your wishes to perfect your experience.