Marble Tables


Marble Tables:
A Reflection of Nature

Our collection of marble tables opens the door to a world where art, design, and beauty converge. Each table tells the story of a serene forest walk, shaped and brought to life by the talented hands of artist Felix Schwake.

A Masterpiece in Marble

With meticulous hand and an eye for detail, Felix Schwake has crafted a marble coffee table that captivates not only with its aesthetic design but also captures the emotions of a forest walk. The color, pattern, and origin of the marble were carefully chosen to create this unique experience in your home.

A Luxurious Experience

Choosing one of our marble tables promises not just luxury but also tranquility, satisfaction, and relaxation. Let the purist design enchant you, giving you the feeling of a forest walk anew every day. Feel the peace and harmony that emanates from our tables, immersing you in a world of relaxation.

Individual and Exclusive

Each of our tables is a unique piece, individually crafted according to your wishes and needs. Felix Schwake, multiple international award-winner, will personally advise you to create the perfect piece for your home. Allow yourself to be inspired by his vision and talent, bringing a piece of the forest into your home.