FS 6 Weisser Arabescato Marmor

Marble Sideboard in White Prisms : An Artful Forest Walk

Immerse yourself in a world full of art, design, and beauty with the Marble Sideboard in White Prisms . Lovingly and tranquilly designed and crafted by renowned artist Felix Schwake, this exclusive piece of furniture is a materialized forest walk that will enhance your life. Every detail, from the color to the patterning and origin of the marble, has been consciously chosen to remind you of an inspiring forest walk and awaken a sense of joy, curiosity, and happiness.

Uniqueness for Your Design Luxury Interior

The Marble Sideboard in White Prisms can be custom-made by Felix Schwake upon request. It will be perfectly tailored to your size, color, and equipment preferences, enriching your home with uniqueness. Every time you gaze upon this artful console, you will be filled with curiosity as it reflects your admiration for excellent craftsmanship and unique design.

A Feeling of Happiness and Elegance

The Marble Sideboard in White Prisms is more than just a piece of furniture - it embodies a feeling of happiness and elegance. When you place this artwork in your home, it will not only please your eyes but also fill your heart. The image of your own walk in the forest comes alive when you receive this console in your design luxury interior.