Marble Side Tables


Marble Side-Tables:
A Fusion of Art and Function

The marble side-tables invite you into a world where luxury, art, and design harmoniously blend together. They're not just furniture but an expression of Felix Schwake's passion and understanding of art.

A Forest Walk, Captured in Marble

Looking at a marble side-table, you can almost hear the rustling of the leaves and feel the cool forest air on your skin. Every detail, from the color choice to the marble pattern, reflects Felix Schwake's walks through dense forests.

Emotions and Craftsmanship Carved in Stone

These are tables that tell stories. Designed with care and devotion, they are more than just a piece of furniture. They are an expression of excitement, joy, and satisfaction - emotions that a forest walk can evoke.

Unique Creations for Your Home

Felix Schwake, a multi-awarded artist, takes you on his journey and offers you the chance to bring a piece of this adventure into your home. Custom orders allow for catering to your individual wishes, crafting the perfect table for you.

The Marble Side-Table: A Timeless Collector's Piece

These tables are not just functional but a statement for those who value quality and uniqueness. A collector's item that spreads excitement, joy, and satisfaction in your home.