FS 176 Weisser Arabescato Marmor

FS176 Dining Table
Marble White
LWH — 410 cm x 142 cm x 78 cm
LWH — 161,42 in x 55,91 in x 30,71 in
Unique (1/1)


Marble Dining Table in White X-legs : A Masterpiece of Minimalism

The Marble Dining Table in White X-legs , designed by renowned artist Felix Schwake, embodies a forest walk in its purest and most minimalist form. Every detail, from the color of the marble to the structure and origin, has been consciously chosen and reflects the peace and beauty of nature. This table will not only beautify your home, but will also constantly fill you with enthusiasm, motivation, and joy.

Custom Adjustments

Whether it's size, color, or features, Felix Schwake offers you the opportunity to customize your Marble Dining Table in White X-legs according to your personal vision. As an award-winning artist, he brings his expertise and passion to achieve the perfect result. This unique table will enrich your home and constantly give you moments of enthusiasm, motivation, and joy.

Experience the Forest: Marble Design Dining Table, X-Legs

The Marble Design Dining Table with X-Legs allows you to experience the atmosphere of a forest walk in your own home. The color, patterning, and origin of the marble were carefully selected to remind of the natural beauty of the forest. Every time you see or touch this table, you are reminded of a calm forest walk, filling you with enthusiasm, motivation, and joy.