FS 28 Grand-Antique Marmor

FS28 Console
Marble Black-White
with drawers
LWH — 88 cm x 44 cm x 88 cm
LWH — 34,65 in x 17,32 in x 34,65 in
Unique (1/1)


Marble Console in Black-White with drawers : A Unique Piece Inspired by the Magic of the Forest

The Marble Console in Black-White with drawers is more than a piece of luxury furniture. It's a unique piece, an expression of art, design, and beauty, inspired by the quiet magic of a night-time forest walk. Every detail, from the color of the marble to its patterning and its origin, has been carefully selected by the artist Felix Schwake and is meant to remind you of the calming and cheerful moments of a walk in the forest.

Joy Through Unique Design

Every element of the Marble Console in Black-White with drawers has been designed with care and attention to detail. This devotion to craftsmanship and the unique design brings joy with every look at the piece. Much like the joy one feels when admiring the natural beauty of the forest.

Curiosity and Happiness Through Personal Customization

The ability to customize the Marble Console in Black-White with drawers to your needs arouses curiosity and leads to great happiness. Just like a walk in the forest where every step holds a new discovery, this console offers a world of possibilities. It's a piece that enriches your home and beautifies your life.