FS 39 Weisser Arabescato Marmor

Marble Console in White drawers : A Forest Walk Materialized from Marble

The Marble Console in White drawers opens the door to a world full of art, design, and beauty. This masterwork, lovingly and carefully crafted by renowned artist Felix Schwake, embodies a materialized forest walk that will enrich your life in incomparable ways. Every detail – from the color and pattern of the marble to its origin – has been consciously chosen to reflect the impressions of a forest walk as experienced by Felix Schwake. The goal is for you, the customer, to feel the moment of Felix Schwake's forest walk yourself and to experience feelings of understanding, satisfaction, and ambition.

Graceful Elegance - Marble Console in White drawers

If desired, this work of art can be made to order, individually tailored to your needs in terms of size, color, and features. Felix Schwake, who has already been awarded many international design prizes, will advise you to achieve the perfect result. Thus, the Marble Console in White drawers becomes more than just a piece of furniture - it becomes a personal status symbol that expresses your individuality and ambition.

The Marble Console in White drawers : A Status Symbol

The Marble Console in White drawers is more than a piece of furniture - it's an expression of style and status. Not only does it bring the beauty and tranquility of a forest walk into your home, but it is also a sign of understanding and ambition. Every time you look at this piece of art, you are reminded of the pleasant, emotional imaginations of your own forest walk. You feel satisfaction and pride in owning such an exquisite and meaningful piece.