Luxury Recliners


Luxury Recliners:
Artful Relaxation Experiences

A Masterpiece for Your Home

With our Luxury Recliners, you will experience art, design, and beauty at its finest. These pieces embody the dream of a relaxed forest stroll that you can immerse yourself in every day.

Nature's Inspiration in Every Detail

Artist Felix Schwake has designed each recliner with love and tranquillity. The color of the marble, the pattern, and the origin - every detail reminds of a peaceful forest walk, bringing that serenity into your home.

Emotional Piece for Your Oasis

These Luxury Recliners are not just furniture but emotions. You'll feel the touch of the fine marble, experience a sense of peace, and find pure joy every day.

Custom-tailored Relaxation

Felix Schwake, an internationally acclaimed artist, offers customized commissions upon request. He will advise you for the perfect result, crafting a recliner tailored to your desires, allowing you to relive your very own forest stroll day in and day out.