FS 4 Grand-Antique Marmor

Marble Sideboard in Black-White Doors, drawers : A Factual Masterpiece of Art and Design

The Marble Design Sideboard, formed in the elementary shapes of circle, square, and triangle, is far more than a piece of furniture. It is the result of the loving and peaceful work of the artist Felix Schwake, inspired by his nocturnal forest walks. Every detail of this sideboard is consciously chosen to reflect the sensations of a night-time forest walk, from the color tone of the marble to its patterning and origin.

Joy in Design

The joy that the Marble Sideboard in Black-White Doors, drawers elicits comes from the precision and care with which it is made. Felix Schwake has carefully chosen and crafted every detail, infusing the peace and stillness of his nocturnal forest walks into his work. With this sideboard in your home, you can experience this joy anew every day.

Satisfaction and Relaxation

The factual aesthetic of the Marble Sideboard in Black-White Doors, drawers offers a soothing presence that encourages satisfaction and relaxation. It is a piece of art that helps you find the peace and quiet of a forest walk in your own home. Every time you look at the sideboard, you will feel transported to a nocturnal forest walk and feel the calming effect of this nature experience.