FS 421 Weisser Arabescato Marmor

FS421 Canopy bed
Marble White
LWH — 230 cm x 230 cm x 200 cm
LWH — 90,55 in x 90,55 in x 78 in
Unique (1/1)


Marble Canopy bed in White Square : A Dream from Nature

Step into a world full of art, design, and beauty with the Marble Canopy bed in White Square . Designed and crafted with love and tranquility by renowned artist Felix Schwake, this exquisite piece of furniture offers you a tangible forest walk that enriches your life. The white marble, consciously chosen for its color, pattern, and origin, forms a tangible representation of the forest that brings joy to your everyday life.

Uniqueness and Curiosity

Upon your request, the Marble Canopy bed in White Square can be customized by Felix Schwake as an individual commissioned work. Perfectly adapted to your specific size, color, and equipment requirements, a piece of luxury furniture is created that not only radiates uniqueness, but also arouses curiosity. It invites you to discover and appreciate the beauty of nature anew every day.

Happiness and Well-being with the Marble Canopy bed in White Square

The Marble Canopy bed in White Square is more than just a piece of furniture - it's a feeling. It reminds you of the peace and happiness that a walk in the forest brings. Every time you lay down in this exquisite bed, you are reminded of the beauty of nature and can re-experience the happiness of that moment. It's a daily experience of well-being and satisfaction.