FS 5 Weisser Arabescato Marmor

Marble Sideboard in White Cylinder Prism : A Masterpiece from Nature

Immerse yourself in a world full of art, design, and beauty with the Marble Sideboard in White Cylinder Prism . This exquisite piece of furniture, lovingly and tranquilly designed and crafted by renowned artist Felix Schwake, offers you a materialized forest walk that will enhance your life. Every detail, from the color to the patterning and the origin of the marble, has been consciously chosen to evoke the memory of a forest walk and convey joy, relaxation, and tranquility.

Individuality and Exclusivity

Upon your request, this work of art can be customized to your size, color, and equipment preferences. The Marble Sideboard in White Cylinder Prism is a symbol of individuality and exclusivity. It stands for your appreciation for excellent design and outstanding craftsmanship, affirming your decision for quality and style.

The Joy of Having an Artwork in Your Home

The Marble Sideboard in White Cylinder Prism is not just a piece of furniture, but a daily experience. Every time your eyes fall on the artfully designed console, you feel the joy and relaxation of having such a unique piece of art in your home. It allows you to experience and relax in the moment of Felix Schwake's forest walk anew every day.

FELIX SCHWAKE / Collection II / Consoles