Luxury Dining Tables


Luxury Dining Tables:
The Forest Walk in Your Dining Room

Imagine having the magic of a forest walk right in your dining room. With our Luxury Dining Tables, this dream becomes a reality.

Respect for Master Craftsmanship

Every one of our Luxury Dining Tables is not just a piece of furniture, but a masterpiece. The details and the quality of the black and white marble reflect the profound impressions of a forest walk. You can sense the stillness, the calm, and the beauty of nature.

Admiration for the Design

With much love and patience, artist Felix Schwake has crafted these tables. He's turned the fascination of a forest walk into a work of art that delights anew every day. Every detail, every grain, every shade of color tells of nature.

Precision in Every Detail

From the patterning of the marble to the origin of the stone - everything resonates with nature and the tranquility of the forest. Our Luxury Dining Tables are not just functional furniture pieces, but a reminder of the beauty of nature.

A Unique Masterpiece

Felix Schwake combines art and function in his designs. Already awarded numerous international design prizes, he's ready to craft the perfect table for you. A table that not only impresses but also tells stories.