Collectible Design: Elevating Everyday Life with Functional Art

The Evolution of Artistic Creation

For Felix Schwake, collectible design goes beyond being a mere trend or movement; it represents a profound reimagining of the connection between people and art. Drawing inspiration from German modernism and the Bauhaus ideology, Schwake endeavors to craft pieces that seamlessly blend into daily life. His collection, featuring

  • beds
  • desks,
  • dining tables,
  • shelves,
  • cabinets,
  • side tables,
  • sofas,
  • coffee tables
  • armchairs and chairs
  • ...

- transcends mere functionality. These pieces uniquely fuse sculptural aesthetics with practicality, embodying a seamless harmony between poetry and reality.

Collectible Design as an Integral Aspect of Everyday Life

Felix Schwake designs collectible objects that seamlessly integrate into daily life, enhancing domestic environments. Emphasizing not just function but also aesthetic expression, his furniture pieces act as sculptural objects, transforming spaces into galleries that evoke a serene, contemplative atmosphere through their purist design.

Collectible Design as a Bridge to Memory and Emotion

Schwake sees collectible design as a continuous quest for objects that are not only visually pleasing but also forge connections to daily activities. His artworks not only trigger memories of experiences or travels but also evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity, infusing art into the routines of everyday life.


Examples of Collectible Design

A Dining Table as a Collectible Masterpiece

A dining table by Felix Schwake is more than just a functional piece; its purist design transforms it into an aesthetically captivating collectible that serves both as a table and as a sculptural focal point in the room.

A Bed as a Sculptural Haven

A bed transcends its practical role, becoming an aesthetic work of art that enriches the bedroom with tranquility and contemplation through Schwake's sculptural design and thoughtful material choices.

Chairs as Functional Art Pieces

Schwake's lacquer-covered chairs are not just seating; they are sculptural collectibles that enhance the room aesthetically while providing functional seating. They epitomize the fusion of art and functionality that defines Schwake's approach.

Collectible Design in Living and Office Furniture

In the realm of living and office furniture design, Felix Schwake seamlessly blends art and function. Departing from traditional norms, he employs natural materials and innovative geometric shapes to create a calm, contemplative atmosphere through the purist design of the furniture.

A Desk as an Office Masterpiece

The desk, too, becomes a collectible work of art in Schwake's hands, featuring innovative designs and high-quality materials that transform it into an aesthetic centerpiece in the office while serving as a functional workspace.


For Felix Schwake, collectible design is the bridge between artistic vision and everyday life. His creations are not just visually pleasing but also works of art that enrich daily life, transforming it into an aesthetic journey. Schwake seeks to discover the beauty in the ordinary and enhance everyday life through his collectible design. In doing so, he aligns himself with the principles of German modernism, drawing inspiration from the work of renowned artists and architects.