Luxury Living Room Furniture


Luxury Living Room Furniture:
A Dream in Marble

A Forest Walk for Your Living Room

Our Luxury Living Room Furniture in black and white marble is more than just furnishing. It's the essence of a tranquil forest walk, captured and immortalized by the hand of artist Felix Schwake.

Nature Inside Your Home

Experience how every detail, from the color to the patterning of the marble, has been carefully chosen to bring the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of a forest into your home. This design has the potential to enrich your life, bringing a piece of nature to you every day.

An Artwork Evoking Emotions

Designed and crafted with love and attention, Felix Schwake's pieces do not just serve a function. Through his masterful design, our Luxury Living Room Furniture evokes interest, provides insights, and commands respect. They are not mere furnishings, but testimonies to Felix Schwake's deep connection with nature.

Custom-Tailored for You

Opt for a custom piece and have your furniture individually tailored to your preferences in size, color, and features. Trust in the expertise of an internationally awarded artist and get consultation to achieve the perfect result.