Luxury Outdoor Furniture


Luxury Outdoor Furniture:
Artful Nature Experiences

Unique Design for Unique Moments

Dive into a world of art, design, and beauty with our Luxury Outdoor Furniture. Inspired by the serene moments of a forest stroll, these pieces are the materialized dream of nature's tranquility.

Forest Moments in Your Garden

Every piece, crafted with love and calm by artist Felix Schwake, evokes memories of whispering trees and the rustling of leaves. The chosen marble coloring, the pattern, and the origin, all remind of a relaxing walk in the woods.

A Collector's Item for Your Outdoor Space

Our Luxury Outdoor Furniture is not just a piece of furniture but a genuine collector's item. Customers will not only be enthralled by the aesthetics but will also feel the joy and satisfaction of a forest stroll in their own garden.

Custom-tailored Art

Available as a customized commission, artist Felix Schwake crafts your piece tailored to size, color, and equipment. Let an internationally awarded artist advise you and bring a piece of the forest to your home.